Here are my 5 Favorite Auditions of All Time on the Idol Stage

1 ) Long-Haired Larry

Part of the joy of American Idol is having your perceptions blown away. This older man did just that without even trying. All it took was his voice and a guitar.

2 ) Chris Daughtry

Now the frontman of his own band, Daughtry has really come a long way. When he released his debut album, the self-titled Daughtry, he found commercial and critical success. Now he’s faded off of everyone’s radar, but still hanging around making music.

3 ) Adam Lambert

Now the lead singer of Queen’s revival, Adam Lambert has found one of the coziest spots in show business. His cover of Queen would be an ominous foretelling of what lay ahead for him.

4 ) Jennifer Hudson

This video of Jennifer Hudson performing always makes me shiver. Her voice is so amazing and she has a presence that’s hard to rival. Even though she makes most of her money through films these days you can’t ignore that this girl has major star power.

5 ) Fantasia Barrino

Barrino! My favorite Idol contestant. Just look at how young she appears here in her first ever audition. You can tell from this clip that she has some real potential (obviously since she won). I literally got shivers from this performance. I hope you enjoy.

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