That’s me in the sunglasses!

Welcome to My American Idol World!

My name is Tamara and I have a problem. I’m ADDICTED to American Idol. This is an even bigger problem because it was cancelled, but we’ll get to that later. I grew up as a little girl in Oklahoma and always had dreams of being a star. In 2002 American Idol began, and I was there from the very beginning. My whole family and I would sit together and watch every episode, even 14 years later at the conclusion of the show. I was lucky enough to audition in 2012 for a spot in season 12, but unfortunately didn’t pass through. It was great meeting the judges though, especially Mariah Carey.

My Short Idol Story

There’s something special about being a star and American Idol gave everyday people across the country one common thing: hope. Even if you were a farm girl from Oklahoma, you could dream big that you would one day sing in front of thousands of people. While I didn’t realize that dream, many others did. To me American Idol was more than just a singing show; it was a way for millions of people to share a dream and exist in a community of shared dreams. When it ended last year I cried like I had lost a friend. Now I’m feeling a little better and hoping that this site can generate enough people to bring it back! I love the voice, but it’s nothing compared to American Idol.

My Idol Trivia

Favorite Season:

Definitely Season 4. The battle between Bo and my hometown girl Carrie Underwood was still one of the most heart-wrenching things I’ve seen in my life. They both deserved it so much. I still think about this season all the time…

Favorite Idol:

I know, I know. Being from Oklahoma I should say Carrie Underwood. She is who I want to be. But that being said, there’s something about Candice Glover that I just really connected with. Her performance of Lovesong was one of the most raw moments on television. If only I had her level of determination and heart…

Favorite Judge:

Being a true fan from day one, how could it be anyone other then Simon Cowell? Is there even a television personality that comes close to him. He was biting, witty, and dare I say: one sexy man. I’ll follow him to whatever tv show he’s on, which right now is nothing. I guess Simon is doing a lot of executive producing these days.