Me on my horse, Stanley

A Girl With Big Dreams

Hey ya’ll! In case you didn’t know my name is Tamara. If you want to check out why I made this site, see my American Idol Obsession page. If you want to know more about me then keep reading! I’m a Midwest girl through and through. My dad is a farmer and my mom’s a retired school-teacher in the Oklahoma City School District. Even though they’re divorced, they are my biggest inspiration. From a young age they encouraged me to dance and sing and love life. That’s one reason why American Idol really connected with me: it was a way for me to dream big and realize anything is possible.

I went to high school in the city even though I was raised in Hitchock. This was exciting for me because I loved meeting new people and the opportunities that came with city life. I’ve still never been to New York or Los Angeles, but seeing them on Idol has made me want to go. Even though I don’t dance anymore competitively I still love watching dancing programs like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars.

Now I work at a dentist’s office as a receptionist and I truly love my job. All of my co-workers are so nice and most of them followed American Idol when it was on, so we had lots to talk about. I have a little girl named Samantha who is growing leaps and bounds. My only hope is that she can enjoy American Idol one day in the way that I did. She knows most of the winners by face so that’s a good start. If you want your daughters and sons to see American Idol once again be sure to go sign the petition on my page!